Creating an interactive exhibition

Alongside LYNfabrikken and LEGO, we set off to create an engaging interactive exhibition with the purpose of reminding people to play.

Inviting passers-by to play

Established in what from the outside looks just like a regular shop with a big window, owner of LYNfabrikken Jeppe Vedel have created Box Exhibition. The Box Exhibition is a closed exhibition space known for its alternative physical exhibition space where passers-by can only view the exhibition from one side - through a giant window.

To attract passers-by’s attention, it’s key that the exhibition demands the passers-by’s attention - a task well done by both national and international artists such as Luis Urculo, Martens & Visser and now us - if we may say so. Yet, the Remember To Play exhibition is different from the other previous installations. The exhibition bestows all control of the experience to the passers-by and demands the viewer to play in order to experience the exhibition - hence the name Remember To Play.


“My hope is that people that pass by the exhibition will find themselves playing without even knowing it”

Jeppe Vedel, owner of LYNfabrikken

Classic physical play made interactive

The exhibition consists of a TV screen which plays a short animated video on demand and a pinball machine, a ball contraption and a Ferris wheel all built out of LEGO bricks.

The pinball machine is controlled by the passers-by and functions as the controller to the other three elements. While providing the player control of the exhibition, we also offer a simplified insight to coding play and possibilities of new technology. Depending on the player’s skills and ability to control the ball in the pinball machine, the outcome is one of three scenarios:

1) Activation of an impressive ball contraption which takes the ball on an adventure before sorting it according to colour

2) A beautiful Ferris wheel is put in the spotlight and starts to spin

3) Activation of the TV screen which plays a short animation film that shows the played ball being picked up by a character and as a result explodes into a vision of strong colours and joyful music.

All of the three outcomes and the player’s active part in the exhibition seek to intrigue the passers-by to play one more time.

LYNfabrikken Remember To Play

Teasing passers-by’s curiosity

To pique passers-by’s curiosity and take advantage of the closed exhibition space, we covered the giant window in grey foil, leaving a narrowed circle for passers-by to come close and have a peek at the exhibition. Below the peephole are four colourful button-looking stickers connected to sensors. The immediate interpretation of the coloured and playful symbols on the stickers combined with the narrowed vision through the window provides the exact response we were aiming at: Teasing passers-by’s curiosity and making them stop to play.

Combining playfulness and aesthetics

As with any other play experience developed by Funday Factory, we know that the visual style and tone is a huge and vitally important part of any experience and in the case of creating Remember To Play for the Box Exhibition, we put a lot of effort in creating an aesthetic beautiful experience.

To secure an elegant expression, we decided on three strong colours to highlight a few select features while keeping the rest of the exhibition grey. Through the use of spotlights, we created beautiful shadows to the exhibition’s walls and combined with the mechanical sounds from the different interactive elements, we were able to create an aesthetic expression that builds upon excitement and playfulness.

“When you are playful in your process, your product or result will reflect your playfulness.”

Sophie, Art Director of Funday Factory

Designing for a broad audience

Because of the Box Exhibition’s location in the street of a big city, there’s quite a diverse audience to cater to - and that was a fact we needed to take into consideration when creating the experience. To appeal to a broad audience, we brought together elements that cater to both young and adults. With classical and historical items such as the pinball machine, the ferris wheel and abstract features combined with play symbols, interactivity, coding and an animated story, we created an experience that speaks to both kids, teens and adults.

The Box Exhibition Remember To Play can be experienced from mid October until the end of December 2017.

Published: 01.11.2017

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