Fun at work

Using play in a workplace to inspire creativity

In our line of work, creativity is one of the most important skills.

At Funday Factory we play while we work. We use play as a way to develop great gameplay and design, to get closer to our users and to test what works.

We found that play fosters innovation and creativity, it’s much more than having fun. By allowing play as part of the game development process, we can use our imagination and creativity, without judgement, and without social boundaries holding us back. Play culture in a workplace establishes an open environment where theories and ideas can be tested, a safe space where we can figure out what works, and what doesn’t.

Every day I get confirmed, that fun, laughter and play solve everyday issues and challenges in the most positive way.

Kit Neel Hansen, Creative Producer

Approaching the Audience at Eye Level

At Funday we use play as a facilitator for all our processes, and as a way to ensure the focus stays on the target group - no matter the age. When we use play, testing becomes a play-powered dialogue between us as creators, and the kids as play experts. Every test is focused on evaluating the fun through play, if we don’t enjoy playing our own games, we can’t expect others to enjoy them either.

Organizational play can be used as a means of stimulating employee creativity and developing innovative products and services. When you play, the process is more important than the end goal. Play gives us freedom to commit ourselves to the effort of creativity. Just as with everything else, play requires practice and training, in order to be utilized to its full potential.


Published: 12.04.2017