How do the interns and Funday benefit from each other?

Meet Funday's new interns Anders Ingemann and Lydia Choi who study Experience Economy and Digital Living - Let's hear about their viewpoint of how educational background can complement and contribute to Funday's everyday business

New interns Anders and Lydia

Why Experience Economy and game development is a great match!

Experience economy, at its core, is all about creating value through experience - and how these new value aspects can be implemented in already existing businesses. To Anders, there is a clear common thread between this ‘mission’ and the kind of business that Funday excels at - namely, game development. Experience Economy offers great and modern views on user-value and value-creation which can be used to support those involved in the actual game development process.

“When we understand the demands of the users and the desires of our partners, we can create wonderful play experiences.”

Anders Ingemann

Anders is certain that the deeper, theoretical parts of Experience Economy can offer new views on the kind of business that Funday does, and maybe even offer new perspectives on business plans and strategies for game development. During Anders' internship at Funday, he looks forward to contributing with new perspectives on branding processes and brand development with the aim of assisting Funday expanding client’s brands into the world of digital play.

It's all about digital in Digital Living 

Lydia, on the other hand, studies Digital Living which is a master’s program that intersects the field of networked sociality, organizational practices and IT design. Due to the diversity of Digital Living, it is the perfect match to today’s digital landscape. Society is moving more and more into the digital world and everyone is talking about digital. But do we really understand what digital is? What does digital technology do to us? All the data, algorithm and privacy - do we actually know what these apps do to our everyday life? This is where Digital Living comes into perspective. It provides another angle to analyse and digest the digital world.


"Digital Living allows me to understand the complexities of digital technologies in cultural contexts."

Lydia Choi

To move the focus to the game industry, Digital Living as educational background can contribute with knowledge and skills to different fields in Funday. Especially, insights gained within networked sociality and digital identity shed light on the affordances of social media and how identities are formed and staged on different platforms. In Funday’s work with games for kids, it is especially important to balance their demands and needs to secure age appropriate design - and thus a safe digital experience.

Published: 01.09.2017