It’s getting a bit crowded in the Funday offices! The Funday family is growing yet again as we’ve welcomed Tatiana, Nils and Nina on August 1st.

New in from Christianshavn is Tatiana Lyng who is Funday’s new Strategy & Insights Manager. With a degree in interaction design and more than 11 years of experience from the games and entertainment industry, Tatiana has established herself as a skilful creative director. And with her career comes exhaustive knowledge and insights that will position her as a key player when it comes to conducting consumer insights and executing digital strategies for toy brands.

Furthermore, we happily welcome Nils Koster to Funday as our new Game Designer. Nils has been far and wide in the games industry having worked for Kiloo, Set Snail and his own game development studio, Nisl Games (and no - it’s no misspelling). Like Tatiana, Nils’ has an educational background in interaction design and has through his career become a design specialist in areas such as programming, prototyping and graphics for mobile games.

And last but not least - Nina Kelstrup has finally joined Funday Factory as a fulltime employee after having worked as a student worker during her master in Corporate Communication. And because we care deeply and fiercely about the Funday culture and social life, Nina has been given the title of People & Culture Coordinator. With her brand new title, Nina’s role is to nourish and sustain the down-to-earth, fun and honest culture that characterises Funday Factory. Besides that, Nina is going to assist Funday’s Sales & Marketing Manager with her skills and competencies gained from her educational background.

Published: 11.08.2017

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