Can you play your way to a better relationship?

We believe you can and look forward to showing you all how. Alongside Region Midt and The Egmont Foundation, we have begun creating a game that will assist in strengthening the communication of relationships.

New game is to strengthen parents’ relationship

Can you play your way to a better relationship? We believe you can! Here at Funday Factory, we are proud to announce our newest partnership. We have joined forces with Region Midt and the Egmont Foundation to create a game that strengthens future and new parents’ communication and relationship.

A study made by the Egmont Foundation and Børns Vilkår shows that 37% of all 16-year-olds who live at home don’t live with both their parents. And from statistics, we know that parents usually choose to separate when the children are between the age of 1 and 2. This indicates a high pressure on families with toddlers which is something we wish to address by developing a game targeting these parents.

With Funday Factory's experience within game development, and the competent professionals of Region Midt, I am convinced we have the best framework for a great game.

Jette Ranum, Innovation Consultant and Midwife

Results through gamification

Using game features such as rewards and levels while having a simple gameplay that caters to the often tired and stressed parents, the game will focus on communication and self reflection - all in a fun and non-intrusive way.

We are super excited about the project and look forward to kickstarting the development process together with some of the best midwives, psychologists and couples therapists in Denmark.

The release is scheduled for winter 2017, so curious parents will have to wait a little longer.



Published: 09.02.2017

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