Enjoy a fun and creative summer with HAMA Universe

Once again, HAMA Universe has been updated and offers great new experiences to all HAMA fans. Whether you are planning a summer with lots of travelling or staying home, the app HAMA Universe welcomes you to a great journey with hours upon hours of engagement in the creative universe.

Designs for everyone

The newest update invites you to play with eight new pegboards. The designs offer a teddy bear, a car, a dinosaur, a flower, an elephant, a frog, a seahorse and a cute princess all just waiting for your imagination to add colour and stories. The eight pegboards have been added to the great big rainbow in the game and are highlighted with a star, helping the child to see what is new to the app.

"When adding more designs to the existing 300+, we are very aware of the necessity to ensure a simple user-interaction and great overview of the app’s possibilities. Combining that with our knowledge of primary schoolers as a group who love to learn new skills and are motivated by positive progression, the game-play strategy of introducing simple pegboards on the rainbow while unlocking new designs on the islands bit by bit works perfectly."

Kit Neel Hansen, Producer

Celebrating a summer of creativity

The addition of more pegboards leaves you with a total of 20 pegboards and more than 300 different design options. Needless to say that HAMA Universe offers you endless possibilities of play with beads.

Wishing you all a great summer, we invite you to bring your beads and let your summer journey take you to the HAMA Universe.

Published: 04.07.2017

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