Highlights about LEGO Life from Games Week seminar Digital Kids Today

Games week is on and together with Interactive Denmark, Funday Factory co-hosted an interesting afternoon centered on ”Digital Kids Today”.

One of the speakers invited was Lars Roost, Senior Manager @ The LEGO Group Consumer Marketing Agency. Lars gave an interesting talk about LEGO Life, the trials, and tribulations around bringing a super-safe, LEGO brick-focused, social network targeting U13s to the market.

LEGO Life - Digital Kids Today

Developing a social platform targeting U13s

The project that would eventually turn into LEGO Life began three years ago, and is part of the overall strategy of bringing LEGO experiences to 300 million kids by 2032 – the year of LEGO’s 100-year-old birthday.

Lego Life focuses on the joy of building, and the pride of creation.

But why the need for another social platform?

More than 8,5 million LEGO images can be found at Instagram using the #LEGO, and more than 33 million LEGO related videos have been uploaded to YouTube, by people from all over the world. The engagement is enormous and indicates a strong passion and interest for the LEGO brand and products. However, some of the content available at these platforms push the boundaries for what parents would like their kids to engage in and what The LEGO Group wants to be connected to. 

LEGO Life offers a safe digital eco system, and one to one communication. Users communicate through a set of chosen emoji’s or by moderated writing, thereby securing a safe environment. Also, kids can’t share their name, images, or videos of themselves.

Watch the video and hear Lars’ main concern about developing a social platform for kids U13

Moderators: a necessary challenge

The safety of the child comes first and therefore moderating all content becomes a necessary challenge. That part is tricky, because today’s users are accustomed to instant feedback and being in control, something that has proven difficult to honor when all content needs to be moderated.

“What we saw in the early months, because we were caught by surprise by the number of users, was that comments and content queued up and sometimes with 2-3 hours of delay before it was live. Our ambition is to be below 15 minutes, which requires us to look towards external partners helping us with better moderation, than we have today.”

Lars Roost, Senior Manager @ The LEGO Group Consumer Marketing Agency

Stats and figs

In the first month after the launch of LEGO Life end of January 2017, the app was downloaded more than 1,1 million times and 50% have signed in with a LEGO ID account. The app has gained more than 60.000 photo uploads, over 1 million likes and 500.000 video views.

Types of users are beginning to emerge – some are more into sharing content while others mainly like. Common for all users seem to be the interest in watching videos, and without surprise, Batman and Ninjago are among the most popular themes.

The app is available in 9 different languages and at 16 markets, with more to come. The future of LEGO Life is yet to be explored. While the retention rate isn’t as high as one could hope for, the ambitions regarding the product stay the same.


Lars Roost, Senior Manager @ The LEGO Group Consumer Marketing Agency

Lars Roost is responsible for project managing the development of the LEGO® Life app. Prior to LEGO® Life, Lars worked with digital LEGO experiences such as the LEGO Technic building instruction app and LEGO Digital Designer and with our content marketing platform. Before joining LEGO he worked with Systematic were he lead development and roll out of force protection software products to the Danish Army.

Great talks, great people, great afternoon

Published: 21.04.2017