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Age-appropriate game design white paper cover page

Working with game design and digital experiences for children on a daily basis has provided us with great insight on different age groups’ behaviour, cognitive competencies as well as motor skills. We know the importance of really understanding your target audience in order to develop games and digital play experiences that catch the audience's interest and truly engage them.

We have written several articles on Age-appropriate design with the purpose of sharing our knowledge with others who like us emphasise great play experiences for children. In an all free white paper, we have gathered some of our best articles within the topic and added new insights about children’s media use.

In the making of this paper, we have borrowed Maurice Wheeler, Chief Strategy Officer at Kids Industries, to talk about the complexity of designing games for kids.

The paper focuses on children in the age of three to 12 years, and the series is divided into four chapters. Starting with toddlers who click on everything, the paper moves on to the curious preschoolers who are eager to learn new things. Moving on from the toddlers and preschoolers, we meet the primary schoolers who are very fond of rules and learning how to go about challenges. The paper ends with a chapter on tweens, a target group who often find themselves struggling with their identity and the feeling of being “in between” as they have the careless and childish selves on one side and the sassy teenagers on the other.

In the paper, you’ll find a lot of case examples to demonstrate good practise - cases from different game developers from all over the world including some of the projects we have developed for different partners.

We hope you will enjoy the paper and find it both helpful and inspiring.

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Published: 29.11.2017