Launch of Spellbinders is finally here!

April 28th has finally come! Today, Spellbinders launches globally on App Store and Google Play – and boy, have we looked forward to this day! Spellbinders is a thrilling mobile game that invites you and your opponent to an exciting lane-based battlefield. In Spellbinders, you choose your favourite Titan, gather an army of minions and cast spells at menacing hordes. Use your spells strategically to survive the waves of enemies and lead your army to victory through short and intense bursts.

The scene of Spellbinders is a multiplayer online battle arena, and the game offers player versus player mechanics. Therefore, Spellbinders is social in its nature offering hours – or just a few intense minutes – of plain old competitive fun with friends.

Spellbinders is finally out!

We are so happy and proud to finally be able to show you what we have been working on for quite some time together with Kiloo Games. Spellbinders is finally here! We hope you will enjoy the amazing artwork, the brutal battlefield and the real-time player vs. player mobile game experience. Out on iOS and Android!

Take me to the Spellbinders case

Godlike partnership

The release of Spellbinders is a result of a great collaboration with game developer Kiloo. A cocktail that has proven immensely rewarding, combining Funday Factory’s excellence in realtime PvP gameplay experiences with Kiloo’s mastery of the meta game riddle.

Are you ready to become a godly Titan and command your own army of minions? If so, join the epic battles in Spellbinders and climb the ranks to take home the grand trophy.   




Presenting the Spellbinders Cinematic Trailer

The lines are drawn, the cannons are loaded and the battle has begun. Lead your Titan to victory – by any spells necessary. Check out our behind the scenes videos where we elaborate on the Art and prototyping of Spellbinders.

Join us behind the Scenes

Published: 28.04.2016

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