Funday Factory celebrates fifth birthday

A Game Jam celebration

Friday, April 1st was a rather big day here at Funday Factory. And no, it’s no April’s fool. This Friday, Funday Factory turned five years old!

Time has flown by so fast, that we were a bit surprised of our somewhat round birthday. To think that it’s already been five years since Anders L. Rohde founded Funday Factory.

In order to celebrate our big day, we emptied our calendars and turned on our most creative game jam mindset. Under the theme ‘Upside Down’, our teams threw themselves at the task of producing the best game in only eight hours.

Game title: FlipFlop
Team name: #Team name (Creativity skyrocketed here)

This innovative board game was a real brain twister. In FlipFlop, you roll the dice and move your piece towards the goal. Easy right? NOT. Your game piece is magnetic, and the dice could allow (or demand) you to flip the board, moving the corresponding piece on the other side further away or closer to the goal. So think hard and play strategically – one moment you are just one step away from the big win, and the next you are back at the start.


Game title: Hit the Beat
Team name: FAKEYFAKEY  

Using a Makey Makey, team Fakey Fakey made a game where two players compete against each other in a full throttle deathmatch. The players had to hit a red and blue heart in tune with a changing heart rhythm on the screen. Beating the hearts correctly moved the player towards heaven; but heaven and hell could switch places in an instant and change the look of victory in a heartbeat.  

Hit the Beat

Game title: Stump the Trump
Team name: Team Trump

Election time is upon us! And of course, one of our teams used that in their game development. In an upside down world where Trump is el president, the scene was set. In Stump the Trump, players had to make a series of strategic moves in order to stay alive the longest under a Trump-regime. Use your cards wisely and try to survive anything that comes along.

Stump the Trump

Pressure was on, I tell you. But at five o’clock, we played the most awesome games!

Anders Leicht Rohde, CCO & Founder Funday Factory

Game title: Flip the Cup
Team name: The Brown Faction

If you collect the most yellow figures, you get 4 points. Or why not go for the multi-coloured ensemble and earn 6 points? But can it be done or will you fall flat? The players in Flip the Cup took turns flipping cups on the board and choosing differently coloured figures. Be smart and think far – choose figures to either boost your own score or stand in the way of your opponent’s win.

Flip the Cup

Game title: The Wolf is Coming
Team name: #Rejegate (English: “Shrimpgate”. Don’t ask)

The goal was to develop a game that could be played by 3-4 year old kids. The game fusioned a good old traditional memory game with a co-op game. The players were to help each other flip matching tiles in order to move the Little Red Riding Hood-character closer to granny’s house, but if non-matching tiles were flipped, the foul wolf would take one step closer toward a meal de granny. So who wins – cute Little Red Riding Hood or the malicious wolf?

The Wolf is Coming

Game title: Zombie Gladiators
Team name: TeamBanana

In Zombie Gladiators, the goal was to get rid of all tiles in hand. Each round, players had to choose a tile to put on the board. Based on the gladiator’s strength, the chosen tile would either win or lose the battle against a connecting gladiator tile on the board. When losing to another gladiator, your tile was flipped into a zombie, and tiles from the stack had to be picked up. So think strategically – when to put which gladiator where in order to get rid of all the tiles as the fastest.

5th Birthday



Published: 01.04.2016