Funday Factory revives Axe in Face

Axe in Face is back for more viking slaughter!

Funday Factory has brought back a genuine game treasure for Hugo Games! Axe in Face has returned in a new and updated version - and why change what’s already perfect (or very much spot on to say the least)?

Axe in Face 2 is the title of the upgraded version of the successful viking slaughter game from 2011.

In 2011, our colleague, CTO & Lead Game Programmer, Glen Würtz Christiansen gave life to the brutally honest game Axe in Face and it became a vibrant hit. Axe in Face mastered the fine balance of simplicity and interchanging gameplay – a recipe that was reused for the upgrade. In the game development process of Axe in Face 2, Funday Factory stayed true to the original format, but fine-tuned and improved bits and pieces. Axe in Face 2 offers new levels, striking graphics and much more.

"We made Axe in Face a much smoother experience, so you can really enjoy chopping some viking heads."

Blake Overgaard, Art Director at Funday Factory

The evolution of Red Beard

Axe in Face has returned in a new and updated version. But how do you revive an old success while staying true to the original? Join us behind the scenes of Axe in Face 2 together with Art Director Blake Overgaard to see the evolution of the successful and brutal viking slaughter Red Beard.



Published: 25.02.2016

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