The Art of Spellbinders

Behind the scenes of Spellbinders

Learn how the magnificent Theos with his loudmouth personality was brought to life

Our very own Lead Art Director Bo Mathorne invites you behind the scenes of the art production of Spellbinders. See for yourself how the glorious battlefield and the powerful Titans were shaped from 2d sketches into an outstanding 3D imagery.

"The game is played from a static perspective, and we essentially treated the battlefield as a stage in a theatre"

Bo Mathorne, Lead Art Director, Funday Factory

Prototyping played a significant role in the development of Spellbinders

From the early beginning of the development of Spellbinders the process of prototyping has played a significant role. Join our founder and CCO Anders Leicht Rohde behind the scenes and learn how the first prototypes took the game in the direction of a multiplayer version of a tower defense game.

And find out how the game transformed into the strategy game you know - and hopefully enjoy playing.



Published: 27.06.2016