Apple TV as a gaming platform

It's on everybody's lips but why is so interesting to look at Apple TV as a gaming platform. We sat down with our founder and CCO Anders Leicht Rohde to find out more. 

Why is this interesting?
Apple TV presents one of several changes in how we perceive mobile gaming. Until now, mobile gaming has been restricted to just that, mobile devices. Now we see a change of interest from both hardware producers and users alike; everyone wants to bring casual gaming to as many platforms as possible. Apple TV is Apple's take on a digital media player that broadens casual gaming and introduces it to the living room. We predict that we’ll see more of this in the future where the lines between mobile gaming and more traditional console/PC gaming is blurred even further. This is interesting because the target audience of mobile game titles will be increased, both in numbers but also in demographics - broadening the potential customer base of all mobile titles.

Apple TV expands the possibilities of gaming

The development of the Apple TV is a force to be reckoned with by everyone who works with apps - and in particular game developers!

What can consumers/gamers expect when playing games on this new platform?

Consumers can expect a large screen version of a mobile game. A genre that could potentially take advantage of this is multiplayer board games for iOS, bringing families and friends together in front of the TV. Imagine playing RISK on your 50” TV in high res graphics with simple interaction and great sound. Mobile gaming experiences will simply merge directly into a console experience.

Apple TV is Apple's take on a digital media player that broadens casual gaming and introduces it to the living room.

Anders Leicht Rohde

Does the new platform require special technicalities to ensure a good experience?

Games need to be designed with Apple TV in mind. The core Apple TV experience is quite limited in terms of interaction since games are required to support the remote. Developers have to be ready to simplify the traditionally very simple mobile gaming interaction even further or come up with alternative methods of control. This could turn out to exclude some game genres as the interaction simply isn’t possible. To work around the limitations, users can connect a peripheral game controller that supports the MFi (Made For iOS) standard, enabling console-like interaction.



Published: 09.02.2016

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