Branded games as part of your marketing strategy?

You might already be considering Branded Games as part of your marketing strategy. If not, now may be the time. As always, the skill of marketing takes innovative thinking and a sharp creative mindset. However, marketing to a generation of digital natives has proven to be quite a challenge for marketers. Today, pop-ups and blinking banners might just end up disrupting an online experience or annoying consumers, and that’s why marketers need to be real smart in their digital strategies. One way of effectively capturing and retaining consumers is through branded games.   

Branded games hold a great potential and numerous benefits. Below you find the three benefits we find to be the most important to know:

Benefit 1

Market a company or (a new) product in a subtle way – while entertaining and retaining your brand audience

Benefit 2

Let players interact digitally with products, characters and stories – resulting in extensive brand engagement and awareness

Benefit 3

Market a brand for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing

Published: 03.05.2016

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Tine Torp Knudsen
Sales & Marketing Manager