About Funday Factory

Impassioned game developers

What we do

We offer great experiences built on a solid foundation. We are specialists in concept creation, game development and marketing. Through our Process of Awesomeness (POA), we build creative solutions and fun games with a focus on apps for mobile platforms. We create engagement for our clients' customers with elements of learning and entertainment. In addition to branded games, we make our own games, targeting a global market.

We are user-centric in our design approach, and we put pride in building age-appropriate interaction and gameplay. We strongly believe that quality is king, and we would love to show you what we can do with your products or business. Check out examples of cases or get in touch.

Who we are

Funday Factory consist of a rich talent pool of enthusiastic game designers, game developers, producers, programmers, artists and marketers. We go to work to produce the greatest games of the highest possible quality - always with our users in the driver's seat. But that’s only half the reason. We go to work to have fun. A lot of fun.

We’re critical thinkers, and we never settle for mediocrity. When we find ways to optimise your ideas, we’re going to speak our mind. And no worries - we’re a bunch of nice and standup fellows.

How it all began

You’re probably thinking that it all started out as two nerdy, passionate guys getting together in a crummy garage, not showering and just programming away. That’s not the (entire) truth however. There was indeed a nerdy, passionate guy, but the rest is just prejudice.

Funday Factory was founded in 2011 by creative thinker Anders Leicht Rohde and founder of Mediaworkers, Max Nielsen. Anders’ dream was to make his own quality games and with a head filled with creative ideas, all he needed was a partner with a strong business sense. Funday Factory came to life as the fusion of garage-feel gamers and great entrepreneurship. Since then, a lot of water has gone under the bridge, but Funday Factory still combine the best of two worlds: Hardcore gaming and insane business skills.